You want to make an impact and change the lives of the people you work with.

Unfortunately, you’ve hit a roadblock.

Content Management

Whether you’re doing it on your own or have a team
behind you, running a business can be, well, busy.

Content Management is my zone of genius! I specialize in managing creative and technology-based tasks.

So what exactly is content management?

Content management is literally the management of your content. It is the act of organizing your content in a way that can it can be repurposed on multiple platforms.

  • It’s scheduling blog posts on to your website.
  • It’s scheduling e-mail campaigns.
  • It’s scheduling social media posts.
  • It’s taking all of your content and repurposing it.
  • It’s organzing your content so that it’s easy to find and reuse several times over without being redundant.

Content management can really help build your business if done right.

The last thing you want is to feel like your drowning under content!

I offer a wide array of services that can be combined into monthly packages.


Blog Management

Course & Membership Management

CRM Management

E-Commerce Management

E-Mail Marketing Support

Ongoing Creative Services


Social Media Management

Wordpress & Kartra Management


Need a one-time package?
All of the packages above can be turned into a one-time setup project!
Contact me to get started!

Graphic Design Services

My creative imagination will transform your content into delicious creations. Inspire action in your customers with exquisitely designed website graphics, brochures, business cards, media kits, and more.



Starting at $60

Media Kits

Starting at $100


Starting at $130


Starting at $30

PowerPoint/Keynote Slides

Starting at $100

Business & Event Flyers

Starting at $40

Course Materials & Worksheets

Starting at $100

Social Media Graphics

Starting at $30
(for pack of 5)

Web Design Services

Having a website allows your business to have internet real estate,
instead of just a rental space on social media.

You deserve to have a place where your business can call home, and having an amazing website will help.

By building a strong website that connects to your audience, you can entice curious clickers into loyal fan followers, convert browsers into buyers, and get direct customer feedback.

Not everyone has the skill or patience to build their own website. Luckily, we can use my skills to design and execute a website that reflects your brand vision with clarity and creativity.

Landing & Sales Pages

Starting at $500

  • One-page designs used for ads, informational spots, or lead generators.
  • Perfect if you have created an opt-in and have a funnel in place, but need somewhere to send your traffic to opt-in!
  • Also, this is perfect if you have created a product and funnel, and also need somewhere to send your traffic to purchase.

Basic Websites

Starting at $1,500

  • Usually, this is the perfect place to start when you have no website in place.
  • These are websites without an e-commerce section or membership section.
  • Pricing varies if special formatting or needs are required.
  • All basic websites are built on WordPress.

E-Commerce Websites

Starting at $2,500

  • This will become your very own online store branded just for you and your clients.
  • We can add an e-commerce section to an already existing website or create a completely new site with an online store included.
  • Our packages include web design and
  • Pricing varies if special formatting or needs are required.
  • We currently offer e-commerce design packages for both WordPress and Shopify.

Membership & Course Websites

3rd Party Design & Setup Start at $750

  • This is exactly where you need to start if you are just getting your feet wet in the big, wide, world of online education.
  • By letting us set up your third-party membership course set up, you are left to your own devices so that you can keep that content coming for your fantastic fans.
  • We will take all of your course content and plug it into the platform of your choosing. (Don’t know which platform to use? We’ll recommend which one works best for your course!)
  • Current platforms we create on are Kartra, Teachable, Thinkific, and Kajabi.

Fully Designed For you Course Websites Start at $3,500

  • Perfect if you’re a busy content creator and excited entrepreneurial educator but you simply do not have time to be creating your own course website.
  • We can either place a course on an already designed website (granted there is a capacity for it) or create a whole new website on a subdomain of your main website.
  • If you don’t already have a main website, or your current one needs a refresh, we can bundle it together to help you save $$$!

What Web Design Packages Include

  • Every page is designed with YOUR brand in mind
  • Email Opt-in form linked to email service provider to generate leads
  • Premium Social Media Integration for the ultimate in social experiences
  • Built on WordPress or Shopify depending on need
  • Graphic design for banners
  • Search Engine Optimization set up.
  • Includes a review of Google Analytics, your own Site Map, and instructions on how to submit your site to both Google and Bing for registration.
  • Each website design package will include personalized tutorials, a one-on-one 60-minute training session on your new website and how to effectively use it after launch, continuous support throughout the design and implementation phase and a two-week support buffer after launch.

Client Breakthroughs

"Anissa’s ability to connect with my vision for my website helped to launch my business and business plans forward! With the addition of a podcast and blog pages to my website, I now have a coordinated launch site for a variety of communication tools to enagage current and future clients. Working with Anissa is an efficient, productive and collaborative process that generates results. All that any entrepreneur hopes for in web design support. I was so satisfied with my collaboration with Anissa, that within 24 hours of the finalization of my website, I recommended her to several of my clients and fellow small business owners, as a fantastic resources for web and graphic design."

Kuliva Wilburn

CEO & Founder, Wilburn Strategic Solutions

"Words cannot describe the energy I received through my wheel of the year reading with Anissa!! She did a full spread for me on each of the months leading up to January 2020 for my business. Every card was explained so fully and I felt all the work and energy she put into it. My reading was spot on and intuitively felt like the divine guidance I was looking for. She even adds her touch of spiritual coaching into the reading to show you what’s possibly and to fully understand the meanings and messages coming through. I’m so excited to see all the things she shared manifest throughout this year! Absolutely love Anissa and know that anyone who gets to experience her amazing work will too!"

Heaven Griffin

Business Coach, Heaven Griffin

"I recently needed guidance and confirmation and if there is anywhere I can go it's to Anissa. Anissa is a true goddess and strives to help others in any way she can. Her readings are spot on and help give me clarity. I recommend her to any and everyone."

Desiree Thomas

Founder & Artistic Director, Mindful Arts Dance Academy

"Before working with Anissa, I was confused about how to accelerate the pace of my business growth. After working with Anissa, I learned exactly what needed to happen in my personal life in order for my business to explode. The busienss tarot reading allowed me to find acceptance that I was on the right path. It also allowed me to be patient as I implemented some of the truths that she revealed to me. Working with Anissa is like getting your own personal wing woman. Someone who helps take life's burdens off your shoulder so you can soar.”

Cassandra Finch

Nutrition Expert, Plant Power U

"It's super easy and fun to work with Anissa. She has a calming spirit that gives me a sense of belief and trust in myself as well as Spirit. She is really motivating and when working with her, you get a sense of relief because she is so genuine and truly CARES!

Getting a business tarot reading from Anissa has always been high on my list and I felt truly privileged! Everything was so accurate and she made sure to thoroughly explain each card and how it played a role in my business life. When I turned to Anissa, I knew that I needed some answers and she delivered way more than that! ? I finally got some clarity, guidance and a confidence boost - to know that I am on the right path and I just need to trust through it all ??

I have a sense of relief because of Anissa and I'm so excited to see all the exciting things come to life from this reading. 

Thank you for sharing your gift with the world, Anissa ❤️"

Stephanie Okkers

Founder & Virtual Assistant, So Virtual

"Anissa is an incredible gift. Her insight and connection with spirit combined with a very practical action plan have really helped me to gain more clarity and focus in my business."

Tina Devine

CEO & Manifestation Coach, Abraham Chicks

There are so many great things I could say about working with Anissa. I am so grateful to have met her and her business. Over the past year, I have worked with Anissa on several things. Earlier in the year, we collaborated on a blog post together. Her writing is fantastic and the collaboration turned out to be very successful.

Most recently, Anissa helped me with my business branding. When I first started my business I pulled together a quick little logo online because I was so unhappy with the designers I was finding. [Working with Anissa] was a completely different experience. Anissa took time to understand the business and what I was looking for in the new logo. Her professionalism and turn around time was fantastic. The full kit as the final deliverable included several saved versions of the new logo that has made updating a breeze.

I will definitely be working with Anissa again and highly recommend [her] for all your web and design needs!

Rianna Neal

Founder, Pancake Digital Solutions

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