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The Chaos Wielder Paperback

The Chaos Wielder is like Blade and Avatar the Last Airbender had a love child while in a Fifth Element fever dream. It's exciting, a roller coaster of emotions, and spice.

Xavia had been content with her life as a bounty hunter. She had control over her own contracts, got to sleep where and with whom she wanted, and could drown in the bloodlust that was cage fighting. Even when blackouts threatened to leave her dead in a ditch, she took life for what it was; chaotic.

That is, until her life is upended when the Angel of Wrath crash lands into Euhaven and destroys her city. Xavia’s called upon by the Monarch to join a Special Forces team to find The Chaos Wielder; the only being in the world that can defeat the Angel of Wrath. When Xavia falls for two males on the team, will she be able to focus on the mission or will she get swept up in their fire and storm?

The Chaos Wielder is a dark urban romantic fantasy. Please review content warnings here.

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