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All You Have to Do is Swallow Shot Glass, 1.5oz

"All you have to do is swallow..."

An excerpt from Wrath's Daughter:

He gently took her chin, tilting her head back. “Open your mouth,” he ordered, voice dropping an octave. He placed the tip of the shot glass on her lower lip and murmured, “All you have to do is swallow.” The double entendre in his statement had liquid lava pooling between her thighs. He glided the glass along her lip before slowly pouring the shot in her mouth. She couldn’t help but moan as she drank down the sweet spirit.

Product Details:


  • They come in one standard size: 1.5oz (44.3ml)
  • Material: 100% clear glass
  • Heavy solid glass base minimizes spilling
  • The listing includes a single shot glass