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Please take a minute… Close your eyes and allow yourself to quiet the thoughts that might be playing around in your mind. Breathing in and out a few times, relax yourself and think on the emotions that you might feel currently. After pondering this, think deeply about what you would like Spiritual Guidance for. Briefly tell me the question or topic you’d like more clarity about:

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Having your tarot read during specific times during the moon cycle can add some powerful moon magic to your reading. A Full Moon Reading is a 5 card spread with the sole purpose of shedding light on a specific situation or question you may have.

With a Full Moon Reading, the following will be brought to light:

  • The question or situation as it is now.
  • The past influences leading up to it.
  • Internal influences that you have over the situation or question.
  • External influences that are affecting the situation or question.
  • Guidance and advice on what to do.

Harness the power of the Full Moon by booking a reading at least 1-2 days prior to the Full Moon.

*Please note that Full Moon readings are completed in EST.


Reading Tarot is completely faith and spiritual based. I will need your full name and a general idea of the sort of guidance you are looking for. Prior to doing a reading, I meditate for about 10-15 minutes. I light incense and use crystals that match the situation in which needs a message. I heavily rely on Crystal Energy while doing readings. I call upon my ancestors and Spirit Guides to guide me along the reading to provide the message that most applies to you.

Energetically, the next step is using your picture and full name to pull pieces of your energy into the tarot cards as I shuffle them. I focus on your question or general area of concern as I shuffle and allow the Spirit Guides to let me know when it’s time to stop shuffling. Once the shuffling has stopped, I pull the cards, starting from the top of the deck and do my reading.

If after your reading, you have questions burning inside, we can definitely schedule a follow up Zoom session to dive deeper into the messages you received during the reading.

My goal is to help you receive answers and clarity to your questions/situations. It’s both humbling and empowering to know that you’ve chosen me as your Guide!


  • Please allow for 3-5 business days to receive your reading.
  • If you have an urgent request for an emergency reading, please send me a message PRIOR to ordering and I will see if I can fit you in my schedule. A rush fee of $50 applies.


  • I currently do not provide readings for health or legal issues. Please consult with a healthcare or legal professional for anything pertaining to these issues.
  • I am acting solely upon the will of the Spirit. Your reading is YOURS. You can do with it what you will and make the appropriate decisions as such. However, I cannot be held liable for any decisions you make based upon your reading.
  • It is recommended to have no more than one reading per month so as to not confuse the messages. Please wait at least 30 days before scheduling another reading.
  • Refunds are not accepted, however if you feel compelled to change your question and the reading has not already taken place, please send an e-mail to hello@anissacosby.com to see if you can change the question.


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