Mercury Retrograde healing program

This unique 5 week program harnesses the power of Mercury Retrograde to bring on deep, intensive, healing of Spiritual Trauma and the importance of Shadow Work.

Mercury Retrograde is around the corner!

Does this sound like you?

You've experienced some form of spiritual trauma by way of mental, physical, or emotional trauma in your life.

You have this constant buzzing in your head and it makes it hard to hear your intuition.

You have felt in tune with the cosmos and their cosmic pull on your spirit but unsure of what to do about it.

You are distinctly aware that you need to work on your Shadow Self.

You feel alone in your trauma and that no one understands what you're going through.

You are tired of wondering how you can heal your trauma and lack of clarity on your purpose.

Think about what it will feel like when you’ve healed your spiritual trauma…

Do you want to

Understand the source of your Spiritual Trauma?

Gain a sense of clarity on your purpose?

Get into Spiritual Alignment?

Learn more about your Shadow Self?

Learn how to heal your Spiritual Trauma?

Have the support of an amazing group of spiritual individuals on the same healing journey so that you don’t feel alone?

Feel relief that comes with Spiritual Trauma Healing?


I am Anissa Cosby. I am an Oracle and Intuitive Spiritual Advisor.

I embarked on my spiritual journey over 15 years ago. I’ve had my ups and downs, learning a lot on the way. I’m a mother to 3 amazing kids and have an equally amazing spiritual husband. My story started when I attempted to commit suicide at the age of 13. When I didn’t succeed, I got a deep knowning sense that there was more to my life than I thought. It was not the first time I had endured spiritual trauma of my own, but it was one of the most significant traumas that made a difference in my life.

What is Spiritual Trauma?

Spiritual Trauma is when you’ve suffered some form of trauma to your spirit by way of an emotional, physical, or mental traumatic moment in life. We often deal with the physical trauma first, then the mental, and then the emotional. But often times we forget or neglect the spiritual trauma.

Spiritual trauma manifests very differently for everyone.

For some, they may have all the success in the world but deep down inside they feel something is out of alignment. They have worked through their previous traumas but never worked on the spiritual trauma so it leaves them unsatisfied. For others, it continues to manifest and trigger in their mental and physical realm.

This means that something that seems innocent or nonchalant to others, suddenly sets your vibrations completely off and you can’t figure out what it is.

Healing Spiritual Trauma:

Healing spiritual trauma takes work. Most people get their first burst of spirituality or sense of Spirit after going through something traumatic (big or small). For me, I was molested as a child, and then tried to commit suicide when I was 13. I really started to feel and sense Spirit at that time, but was still ignorant to the spiritual trauma I had endured. As a teenager, I fell into a cycle of being in narcissistic relationships. This was because I hadn’t fully healed my spiritual trauma, so I was attracting certain people in my life.

The biggest way I started to heal the spiritual trauma was through prayer and support. Turning to my mother who is a prayer warrior helped. Having someone I could turn to who wouldn’t look at me like I was crazy helped. And prayer. Just simple, basic, prayer. Realizing that in order to get better, I needed to turn it over to a higher source.

Ever since I began healing my spiritual trauma, alignments started to happen left and right. It was not INSTANT. It took work, lots of it, and commitment. But once I acknowledged that I needed the help, it became much easier to find. This is why I created the Mercury Retrograde Healing Program. Because I want to help others heal from their spiritual trauma so that they can live up to their true purpose.

Throughout this unique program, we will work on our chakra energy centers and harness the power of Mercury Retrograde. As we unlock each chakra, you will learn how that chakra applies to both your spiritual and personal lives. Together we will work through healing your spiritual trauma that might be keeping you back from your purpose.

“Why Mercury Retrograde?”

Mercury Retrograde is a period of time where Mercury seems to be going backwards in the sky. During this period, a lot of our Spiritual Trauma and Shadows are regurgitated up to the surface. It’s a powerful time for spiritual reflection and to face all the parts of ourselves that we try to keep hidden.

The Mercury Retrograde Healing Program Includes:

Individual Mercury Retrograde Readings

At the beginning of the program, there will be an individual reading for each participant to help set your intentions for the program. The reading will focus on providing you with action steps on healing your spiritual trauma and focus points.

Already booked a Mercury Retrograde reading? Then it can be applied to the balance of this program as a credit! 

(Valued at $99)

Live Weekly Group Q&A & Healing Sessions

The program will be run in a private Facebook group. Each week there will be a Live Q&A and healing session where you can ask all your questions and have them answered throughout the program. This will also be a good time for prayer requests and healing.


 (Valued at $2,222)

Weekly Meditation & Worksheets

In order to really listen in to your intuition and enhance it, journaling is one of the most important steps. Each week, you will follow a guided meditation and journal prompt. The purpose of the meditation will be to enhance your intuition and listen to your IGS (Inner Guidance System). You will start to recognize the cues, when Spirit is speaking and when you are getting in your own way.

(Valued at $888)

Frequently Asked Questions

"Who is this program for?"

  • This program is for spiritual individuals who have spiritual trauma that is in need of healing.
  • This program is for those who have had a hard time listening to their intuition and feel a lack of clarity and purpose.
  • This program is for people who want to feel a sense of relief that comes with healing and to have a clear sense of who they are and their purpose.
  • This program is for people who are ready to let go of their fear of healing and make a leap into their purpose.

"What should I expect?"

  • Each participant receives a personal Mercury Retrograde Tarot Reading to set intentions for the program.
  • Weekly group Q&A’s and Healing Sessions to receive guidance and healing throughout the program.
  • Weekly Meditation & Worksheets to work on honing your intuition and heal your wounds.
  • We dive through each chakra system and how to use them in spiritual healing.
  • A premium version of the Energy Protection Guide (which is about twice the size!)

The Program is held in a private Facebook Group so that you never have to leave the comfort of your favorite social place. 🙂

"What will we cover each week?"

Here is a week by week expectation of what you’ll get during the program: 

  • Week 1: Personal Mercury Rx Reading & Healing Jumpstart. We set our intentions for the program and get clear on what needs healing.
  • Week 2: Full Moon Elemental Releasing Ritual + Guided Meditation/Workbook. We will release all that is holding us back during this time.
  • Week 3: Live Q&A and Healing Session. Breaking through energetic blocks.
  • Week 4: New moon intention setting ritual. Reviewing the intentions set in Week 1, seeing what new ones need to be made, and harnessing the New Moon for it.
  • Week 5: Guided Meditation and live Q&A. We are in the after shadow of Mercury Rx. There’s final bits of cleanup to do.
  • Week 6: BONUS WEEK!! SURPRISE! Full Chakra Energy Healing with Farewell Ritual on Full Moon.

Your Investment

Total Value = $3,209

Total Investment = $997

Savings = $2,212!

Payment Options:

2 Monthly Payments of:

Pay in Full:

Now offering an extended 4 month payment plan!

$297 a month

When do we start?

July 8, 2019 – The day after Mercury Retrograde Starts!

Mercury Retrograde gets a lot of bad press. While it can be a challenging time for spiritual people, this is the perfect time to work on those inner most parts of ourselves and bring healing. With that said, we start right before Mercury Retrograde for this reason.

The purpose is to bring intense and immense spiritual growth. What better time to figure out where our blind spots are than Mercury Retrograde?

If you are ready for some deep spiritual work, learning how to heal your spiritual trauma, and work on your Shadow Self, then this program is for you! I encourage you to sign up today!

Doors Close July 7th!








Want to Get Started?

I am so excited to have you join the Mercury Retrograde Healing Program! If it resonates with you to join, I encourage you to sign up today!

Still have questions?

Book a free spiritual clarity & healing session!

If you’re on the fence about the Mercury Retrograde program and what Spiritual Trauma is, then I invite you to book a free spiritual clarity and healing session!
In this 30 minute session, we will discuss what spiritual trauma is, what forms it can take, and I’ll do a brief oracle card pull to ignite your spiritual healing. This is perfect for those of you who have been interested in the program but aren’t sure if it’s for you.

Remember that no trauma is too small. Your trauma matters just as much as the next person. Don’t remain in your pain simply because someone else may have it worse. There’s no reason to feel guilty!


"Words cannot describe the energy I received through my wheel of the year reading with Anissa!! She did a full spread for me on each of the months leading up to January 2020 for my business. Every card was explained so fully and I felt all the work and energy she put into it. My reading was spot on and intuitively felt like the divine guidance I was looking for. She even adds her touch of spiritual coaching into the reading to show you what’s possibly and to fully understand the meanings and messages coming through. I’m so excited to see all the things she shared manifest throughout this year! Absolutely love Anissa and know that anyone who gets to experience her amazing work will too!"

Heaven Griffin

Business Coach, Heaven Griffin

"I recently needed guidance and confirmation and if there is anywhere I can go it's to Anissa. Anissa is a true goddess and strives to help others in any way she can. Her readings are spot on and help give me clarity. I recommend her to any and everyone."

Desiree Thomas

Founder & Artistic Director, Mindful Arts Dance Academy

"Anissa is an incredible gift. Her insight and connection with spirit combined with a very practical action plan have really helped me to gain more clarity and focus in my business."

Tina Devine

CEO & Manifestation Coach, Abraham Chicks

"Before working with Anissa, I was confused about how to accelerate the pace of my business growth. After working with Anissa, I learned exactly what needed to happen in my personal life in order for my business to explode. The busienss tarot reading allowed me to find acceptance that I was on the right path. It also allowed me to be patient as I implemented some of the truths that she revealed to me. Working with Anissa is like getting your own personal wing woman. Someone who helps take life's burdens off your shoulder so you can soar.”

Cassandra Finch

Nutrition Expert, Plant Power U

"It's super easy and fun to work with Anissa. She has a calming spirit that gives me a sense of belief and trust in myself as well as Spirit. She is really motivating and when working with her, you get a sense of relief because she is so genuine and truly CARES!

Getting a business tarot reading from Anissa has always been high on my list and I felt truly privileged! Everything was so accurate and she made sure to thoroughly explain each card and how it played a role in my business life. When I turned to Anissa, I knew that I needed some answers and she delivered way more than that! 💕 I finally got some clarity, guidance and a confidence boost - to know that I am on the right path and I just need to trust through it all 🙌🏼

I have a sense of relief because of Anissa and I'm so excited to see all the exciting things come to life from this reading. 

Thank you for sharing your gift with the world, Anissa ❤️"

Stephanie Okkers

Founder & Virtual Assistant, So Virtual

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