Intuitive Design & Content Management

Giving business owners peace of mind by providing them with stellar creative services, content management, and spiritual guidance.

Are you a business owner with a passionate need to advocate for change
and want to help people get to a better state of being?

If you’re here, then you have a strong desire for spreading awareness and impacting lives but feel overwhelmed by the idea of growing your business online because you’re unsure of where to start first or how to grow.

Hi! I am Anissa Cosby!

I am a creative designer, content manager, and spiritual advisor.

I blend together these three specific aspects to create unique monthly management packages that will not only help your business but your spirituality too (should you need it!). I provide tarot readings for each of my clients, to help them get clear on their goals and to guide them into the next phase of their business. Tarot readings help me learn more about my clients on a soul level and allows me to connect with them deeper. It helps me become more intuitive about their needs.

I want to help you and your business make an impact and reach more people with your services.

Our comprehensive services can help you by managing your content, offering you spiritual guidance for your business, and growing your visual brand through graphic and web design.

So what does this entail?

As a business owner, you want to increase your revenue while also continuing to do what you are most passionate about: helping people get to the best that they can be. However, there are several tasks and operations that need to be delegated in order for you to do so.

We all reach a limit where we can only do so much on our own. So that’s why we want to help you. Because our mission is to help people become the best they can be and we can do that by helping you grow.


The more we help you grow, the more impact you make.

Happy Clients = More Impact

Anissa’s ability to connect with my vision for my website helped to launch my business and business plans forward! With the addition of a podcast and blog pages to my website, I now have a coordinated launch site for a variety of communication tools to enagage current and future clients. Working with Anissa is an efficient, productive and collaborative process that generates results. All that any entrepreneur hopes for in web design support. I was so satisfied with my collaboration with Anissa, that within 24 hours of the finalization of my website, I recommended her to several of my clients and fellow small business owners, as a fantastic resources for web and graphic design.

Kuliva Wilburn

CEO & Founder, Wilburn Strategic Solutions

It is SO obvious when you meet Anissa and the Oracle Team that they are the real deal. She gets the pain points and headaches of creatives — because she’s been there and thrived beyond them — and she’s now leaning on her experience and talents to share what she’s learned and give other creatives the peace of mind they need to succeed. I wish there were more Anissa’s out there!!

Joey Vitale

Founder & Attorney, Indie Law

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