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Tarot Spread for Mercury Retrograde

Hello Sweet Souls! Mercury Retrograde is a time where we need to focus on ourselves. With Mercury ruling over ALL communications, we might not make as clear decisions as we want to. A Mercury Retrograde reading will help you decipher what you should focus on during...

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Weekly Reading & New Moon in Gemini

Happy June and New Moon in Gemini! This week we are focusing on the Throat Chakra and I've got to tell you, I love Divine Timing! In addition to focusing on the throat chakra, today is the New Moon in Gemini. Gemini rules over the 3rd house of social media,...

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Weekly Reading 5/27

Hello! Happy Monday! Today's card pull will focus on the Heart Chakra. I've found that this chakra is one of the hardest to work through, especially when you've experienced any sort of physical, emotional, or spiritual trauma. As I worked through my Heart Chakra...

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Weekly Reading 5/20/19

Happy Monday Everyone! How was your weekend? What did the Full Moon bring up for you? I've had some exciting changes going on! I've decided to combine both my businesses into ONE. 🥳 It feels so much more aligned and less stressful to have it all in one house. So now,...

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Weekly Reading 5/13

Hello and Happy Monday! I'm feeling compelled to work through our chakras, so for the next few weeks, we will be focusing on one chakra per week and the card pulls each week will be in regards to how we can grow in the chakra for that week. I'll be going live in The...

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Weekly Reading 4/29

Happy Monday! There is a lot going on in the cosmos this week. We currently have three retrogrades happening: Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn. This happens every year, so it's not exactly any thing NEW but it is a powerful time. This year is particularly stronger than...

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Tarot Spread for Business Owners

Hello Sweet Souls! Are you a business owner or aspiring business owner? If you’ve viewing this spread, then you are looking to reflect on your business and its potential. You might wonder where Tarot Reading and Business come together. Simply put… You are one whole...

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Weekly Reading 4/21/19

Happy Monday and Welcome to Taurus Season! ♉️ We are welcoming in Taurus season and it's all about building upon healthy habits and fortifying our foundations. This week, I've pulled cards for us that will tell us where we can enforce better habits and where we can...

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Weekly Reading 4/15

Hello, Hello!  Sunday night we had a pretty nasty storm come through which knocked out my internet all of Monday (yesterday). While I was able to post the weekly reading to Facebook, I was unable to get it up on the blog until today! This Friday is the Full Moon in...

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5 Things You Can Do When You’re Afraid of Crossing the Bridge

5 Things You Can Do When You’re Afraid of Crossing the Bridge to Your Future During our journey in life, we often come to major moments in the “road” where we have to make a decision. We come across crossroads and bridges that lead us to places that we’re yet to know...

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The story about a girl with Magick.

I am a mom to three amazing kids and wife to an equally amazing husband. I own a creative design business and have recently launched my tarot reading services. I grew up around Tarot, Sage, and Santeria. My mom always told me that we come from a long line of Taino Spirit Guides, way back before Puerto Ricans existed.
I went through a lot of spiritual growth throughout my life. I had a brief moment where I shunned out all witchcraft and became a fully devout Protestant. I even obtained my degree in religion and was licensed a Minster for 2 years. However, the more I learned about the bible, the more deeper I understood its origins, and the more I realized that we’re all connected to one Source.

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