Do you suffer from “copycat” syndrome?

Hello Wonderful Folx! Do you suffer from "Copycat Syndrome"? We often hear the term "Imposter Syndrome" where we don't believe we are good enough or that we feel like an imposter. But what about "copycat syndrome"? Copycat syndrome is when we see other successful...

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Law of Attraction 101

Hello Wonderful Folx! I have the privilege of sharing with you the amazing goodness that is Amanda Rose. In today's blog post, she shares the basics of the Law of Attraction and busts some myths about it all. You can learn more about this amazing woman toward the...

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Tarot Spread for Mercury Retrograde

Hello Sweet Souls! Mercury Retrograde is a time where we need to focus on ourselves. With Mercury ruling over ALL communications, we might not make as clear decisions as we want to. A Mercury Retrograde reading will help you decipher what you should focus on during...

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Don’t feel guilty for desiring comfort & healing!

All wounds hurt, no matter how small they might seem. The other day my daughter came running inside, tears streaming down her face. She was sobbing so much and I was afraid something terrible happened. I asked her calmly what was wrong and she shows me the tiniest cut...

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How my Attempted Suicide Burst Open my Spirituality

✨For those of you that don't know, I am a suicide survivor.✨ My spiritual journey began when I attempted suicide at the age of 13. At such a young age, I didn't have hope for myself. I thought my family would do better without me. Having been a victim of sexual trauma...

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5 Simple Ways You Can Set Up Your Meditation Space

Hello Wonderful Folx! I wanted to share with you my simple meditation space. As a busy mom of three, plus being a business of owner of two businesses, time is TIGHT. I keep all my work in one location, which makes it a bit easier to set up my meditation and spiritual...

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Tarot Spread for Business Owners

Hello Sweet Souls! Are you a business owner or aspiring business owner? If you’ve viewing this spread, then you are looking to reflect on your business and its potential. You might wonder where Tarot Reading and Business come together. Simply put… You are one whole...

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On the Fence About Getting a Tarot Reading?

On the fence about getting a tarot reading? I often receive a lot of questions about how a tarot reading can help and what it can do for the person receiving the reading. Tarot Readings can help you sort out any areas of stress, make informed decisions, and give you...

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The Last Resort

What does "The Last Resort" mean to you? Is it the moment when you've hit rock bottom and realized that there's no place to go but up? That you know you have to make a decision to change SOMETHING but no clue what that something is? Is it when you've tried fixing...

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The story about a girl with Magick.

I am a mom to three amazing kids and wife to an equally amazing husband. I own a creative design business and have recently launched my tarot reading services. I grew up around Tarot, Sage, and Santeria. My mom always told me that we come from a long line of Taino Spirit Guides, way back before Puerto Ricans existed.
I went through a lot of spiritual growth throughout my life. I had a brief moment where I shunned out all witchcraft and became a fully devout Protestant. I even obtained my degree in religion and was licensed a Minster for 2 years. However, the more I learned about the bible, the more deeper I understood its origins, and the more I realized that we’re all connected to one Source.

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