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Jacinto Helps Xavia 5x7 Print

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They walked to the edge of the dance floor, panting. Xavia put a hand on a column, groaning. “Fuck, I’m not used to heels. I wish I could toss these.” She let out a yelp as Jacinto pulled her behind the column, away from the eyes of others. He knelt in front of her and took hold of her ankle. “What–” she let out a soft moan as he pulled her shoe off to massage her foot before moving to the other.

“No one says you have to wear these,” he chuckled as he stood and handed her the heels before they stepped away from the column. He nodded to his sneakers. “If I didn’t have to, I’d never wear a suit again.”

  • "The Chaos Wielder", Book 1 of "The Chaos Series"

5x7" printed on 242gsm Silk Lustre paper