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The Chaos Wielder

Xavia had been content with her life as a bounty hunter. She had control over her own contracts, got to sleep where and with whom she wanted, and could drown in the bloodlust that was cage fighting. Even when blackouts threatened to leave her dead in a ditch, she took life for what it was; chaotic. 

That is, until her life is upended when the Angel of Wrath crash lands into Euhaven and destroys her city. Xavia’s called upon by the Monarch to join a Special Forces team to find The Chaos Wielder; the only being in the world that can defeat the Angel of Wrath. When Xavia falls for two men on the team, will she be able to focus on the mission or will she get swept up in their fire and storm?

Death and Shadow

Relationships between Deities and Angels are forbidden in the six realms. When chaos stirs on Euhaven, and the number of deaths increase; Orcus is flooded with animas that need processing. Axton, the Deity of Death and War, must work closely with his executive partner, Sarandiel, the Angel of Night and Shadows. Even after knowing each other for centuries, they’ve fought their growing attraction to each other. One spark could end it all.

Their world is full of chaos. Their love is forbidden. But they would risk it all because love is the only thing that matters. They’re two swirling supernovas bound for impact and they weren’t sure they wanted to stop it.

How will they move forward knowing that their relationship could result in death or worse; the destruction of the realm?

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About A.E. Cosby

A.E. COSBY IS A PUERTO RICAN and indigenous person obsessed with the dark and arcane. They are a bruja who honors their Ancestors and the path that have been put before them. They believe with their whole chest that they lived on another planet in another life. Being an Aquarius, this is not a surprise! Having vivid dreams of this world, they invite you to experience this planet through their dark urban fantasy novels. They share the darkest parts of their soul through their work.

A.E. is a neurospicy comic book nerd, enjoys sci-fi and fantasy, and tattoos. Ask them how many they have. (Hint: 14). They have three chaos gremlins and a husband who supports their dream.